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Matt Herskowitz and John Roney are internationally recognized pianists known individually for their daring integration of jazz and classical music.

Each pianist arrived at the intersection of these two musical styles from opposing directions: Matt came to jazz via classical music, and John to classical via jazz.

Together, as Piano Caméléons, their combined voices have created a unique ensemble both in its virtuosity and artistic vision: the first ever piano duo that truly balances a classical sensibility with the freedom of jazz improvisation.


While on tour, Piano Caméléons are willing to share their artistic vision with students, non-professionals and all music l overs by means of educational activities and masterclasses tailored to the abilities of those interested.


90 minutes (approx.).


  • Short introductory performance of pieces from their repertoire.
  • Presentation of each pianist’s career and how duo came about.
  • Matt and John unveil the mysteries of their creative process by inviting the audience to participate in manipulating the rhythm, texture and melody of a well-known work; this process will reveal basic and advanced techniques of improvisation, orchestration, as part of an an overall pianistic approach.
  • They will demonstrate both these points and more specific ideas using pieces in their repertoire.
  • The presentation concludes with a discussion and question period, followed by an encore performance.


Living in Harmony 

  • How to creatively integrate two disparate musical aesthetics while respecting the tradition of the original works.
  • How to work together in an ensemble as two unique individuals.
  • How to combine two niche musical styles and find a larger audience.
  • How to involve the audience and musical community in the development of the project.
  • How to integrate jazz harmonies into a classical language (advanced level).

Taking Chances

  • Musically: how to begin improvising (or continue, for advanced students), get away from the ‘written notes’,  and develop     one’s own musical language.
  • Artistically : how to carve out a new and/or unexploited musical niche, and find one’s unique artistic identity.
  • Professionally: how to promote/market a new musical idea, form a team around the project, and get your music heard
  • Professionally : how to set objectives and work efficiently to achieve career goals.


(Available on demand)

Both Matt and John are available individually after a workshop to continue working with targeted student groups:

  • Matt can lead chamber music rehearsals and offer piano lessons to both classical and jazz players;
  • John can workshop with a stage band, vocal jazz ensemble, combos and/or their respective rhythm sections and pianists.


According to requested services.




  • Amplification and vocal microphones are to be provided by the venue.
  • Coffee and bottled water to be made available prior to the performance.


Level I (Secondary school/intermediate)

  • Workshops for this level will be designed in a more simplified version using a narrower range of topics than those listed above.
  • We provide 2 upright pianos (should there be no instruments available) or one grand piano (7ft ) to compliment an available grand piano (6ft and above). (*)
    No sound system is required for smaller rooms, but we can provide our own, if required.
  • For larger rooms, we will use the venue’s equipment.

Level II (University/advanced) 

  • We provide on request 1 grand piano (7ft ) to compliment the venue’s grand piano (6ft and above). (*)

(*) For local markets only, Montreal, Québec City and Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa.

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